Friday, September 15, 2006

9th Edition - 9/15/06

Have you ever dreamed of writing an article about the Chicago Bears and comparing them with films due out in the next month and a half? Me too... Me too. Click here to read

  • Baseball
The Minnesota Twins are dealing with the loss of Francisco Liriano by winning. They are now just a game back from the Tigers in the AL Central.
My Twins insider had this too say, "Twins have been winning without [Liriano] ... They're playing well and are confident, I think they'll pull it off."
So there you go, bet the farm on the Twins. If you don't have a farm, I wouldn't recommend betting anything else. Please keep in mind, the insider is just a guy I know who lives in Minneapolis.
  • College Football

Uge college football weekend. Especially considering we have started conference play. And no, the "uge" isn't a typo. I'm just trying out my radio voice on paper. On sports talk, they never say H's, and typically they overpronounce whatever letter follows.
*(6)LSU at (3)Auburn
*(11)Michigan at (2)Notre Dame - which, typically the underdog always covers the spread.
These are two of SEVEN games that have top 25 teams playing each other. If other words, find a bar or friend with a big arse TV, sit and enjoy.

If they prove that Reggie Bush's family did receive $100,000, the school with be sanctioned and Bush's life as a millionaire will continue without any real bumps in the road. Future college kids suffering because of this is ridiculous. If the allegations are true, Bush should be disciplined for not being able to wait, Coach Pete Carroll should be disciplined for not being able to pay attention (a percentage of his salary), and USC (the entire insitutuion) should be disciplined for not keeping a closer eye on their athletes, but future football shouldn't be touched.


Every Friday I make picks on college and NFL games that are can't missed. Except once ... And I've only been doing it for a week, so I guess I could miss again ... proceed at your own caution (odd saying if you think about it, when don't you proceed at your own caution? who else's?)

NCAA - currently 2-1
Syracuse (+3) over Illinois
Oregon (-5) over Oklahoma
Michigan St (+2.5) over Pittsburgh

NFL - currently 3-0
Panthers (-1) over Vikings
Chiefs (+11) over Broncos
Colts (-13.5) over Texans

Later today, look in the comments section for...
NCAA picks by "billy z"
NFL picks by "mike d"

  • Stuff

Movies this weeknd
Gridiron Gang: B- (typical sports movie, with the occasional gun)
The Last Kiss: B- (Zach Braff stars in a heavy drama that could be Garden State 2)
The Black Dahlia: B (not a great ending, most smoking in a film - ever)

The new CBS sitcom "The Class" is not worth watching. Mainly because it involves a group of 20 or 30 something's that are WAY to nastolgic for things that happened in the 3rd grade.


Mathew said...

"The Class" looks like root canal, but I feel that way about most CBS comedies.

If fact, I don't think there's a single new sitcom this fall that I plan on watching.

mike d said...

Season: 3-0

The Saints -2.5...riding my boys again. who would've thought that the aints would be laying points at lambeau ever. take them, green bay is soft

The Giants +3...philly looked good last week, but the g-men have a better overall team, especially in the rushing department with westbrook banged up

The Bengals -10.5...going to be a shoot-out, except one team doesn't have horses on either side of the ball.

Bill said...

We've all heard it -- Shakedown, Separation, whatever-you-want-to-call-it Saturday. Let's hope it lives up to it's billing. And let's hope the outcomes of these games make it look like I have some idea of what the hell I'm doing:

Auburn -3.5 vs. LSU...could be a tight mathcup but Auburn looks like finely greased machine already; couple that with home field, and I think they win by a least a touchdown.

Tennessee +3.5 vs. Florida...they Vols had a scare with Air Force, but that wishbone option is more difficult than it looks. I like the UT resurgent offense to keep it close, and the Vols D has to be pumped to have Justin Harrell playing with a half-dead arm.

UAB +16.5 at one gives this guys credit. Almost beat Oklahoma in the opener this year, and took the Dawgs down to the wire their last time in Athens. Blzaers aren't walking away with a "W," but still cover.

Boston College -7 vs. BYU...BC looks good, and I know nothing about BYU except Jim McMahon, Steve Young, and Ty Detmer aren't suiting up on Saturday. Eagles cover.

Troy State +17 at Georgia Tech... Troy took FSU to the wire last week, and Reggie Ball is still under center for the Jackets. All I need to know.

Rutgers -15.5 vs. Ohio...Can't believe I'm saying this, but look out for the Scarlet Knights. They are looking good.