Thursday, September 14, 2006

8th Edition - 9/14/06

  • Golf

Tiger Woods is playing in the World Match Play Tournament this weekend. He's currently down 3 to Shaun Michael after 18 holes. They have 18 more to play. When Tiger was an amateur, there was tons of talk about how dominating he was in match play. This hasn't shown up in Ryder Cup or Match Play tournaments. The PGA has decided this tournament does not affect his five tournament win streak.

  • Baseball

The Twins' Francisco Liriano is done for the rest of the season. After resting for five weeks, he pitched into the third inning before slumping over. He said he heard a pop. Now Tommy John surgery is possible, plus the Twins are now only 1.5 games up in the wild card race. Liriano being done might not affect the Twins hopes for the playoffs, but now they won't have the edge in a 5-game series.

  • Football

Did you hear the one about a 3rd string punter stabbing the 1st string punter in his kicking leg? The Northern Colorado Bears are finally getting some press, the worst possible kind. Have fun being the running joke that comedians beat into the ground for the next couple weeks.

I can't wait to be a parent. Here's a news video about a parent having the guts to attack a kid, cause his son was blocked on the football field. Dad of the year just got a little easier to win with this guy out of the running.

  • Stuff

Whitney and Bobby have seperated. It's a shame we know these two people based on their first names.
Weird Al is still alive. And better than ever, or at least better than he has been the last 10 years. He's posted a free song called Don't Download This Song.

  • Coming Tomorrow

It's picks, picks, picks!
I will go up against mike d in NFL picks and newcomer billy z in NCAA picks.

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j said...

Tiger is done. Losing to Shaun Michaels. That's a first round exit.