Monday, September 18, 2006

10th Edition - 9/18/06

  • NFL

The best Sunday
Peyton Manning: 400 yards, 3TD
Eli Manning: 371 yards, 3TD, 1INT
Rudi Johnson: 145 yards, 2TD
Michael Turner: 138 yards - Since the Chargers were cruising, this back-up messed around.
Joey Galloway: 161 yards
Donald Driver: 153 yards

*The Eagles handed the Giants the game late, they had a 17 point lead going into the 4th quarter.
*It appears the Bears will be playing the Falcons in the NFC title game, and the Ravens will challenge the Colts in the AFC. Take it to the bank, after all they've already played two games, nothing more to figure out.
*For a split second I actually starting thinking about adding Rex Grossman to my fantasy roster. But someone else beat me to it, which means now I have to continue to cheer for the Bears but hope that they score all of their touchdowns running the ball. Yes, this is just a typical day in the life of an idiot male fantasy football player.

  • College

You have to love halftime headlines that read "Ohio St. Stunner" when they are losing to Cincinnati 7-6. And then they change it to "Ohio St. Rolls" when THE Ohio State Buckeyes end up winning 37-7. By the way, the spread had been 30 points all week, and on Friday it changed to 29.5 which mean the Buckeyes covered.

  • Baseball

The Mets are still on the magic number 1. This is because they got swept by the Pirates. Pedro Martinez held back tears after his awful performance on Friday. If you are a Mets fan, how do you deal with this news? Do you immediately distance yourself from him because there is no crying in baseball? Or do you try and believe this is the new improved kind of athlete who is more in touch with his feeling? I would love to know your thoughts.

The Cubs Derrek Lee had tears for a much better reason, he could miss the rest of the season after an emotional admission to his Chicago Cubs teammates that his 3-year-old daughter Jada has "lost some vision" in one eye. "Until it's cleared up, I won't be with the team," said Lee.

  • The Picks (revisited)

j NCAA 2-1, Season: 4-2
billy z NCAA 4-1-1, Season: 4-1-1
j NFL 2-1, Season: 5-1
mike d NFL 3-0, Season: 6-0

Do you people realize how insanely good all of this is? Between the three of us, 19-4-1 AGAINST THE SPREAD. No one does this, which means reality is going to come knocking on the door any second. But until it does, I will continue to ride this streak just like I road horses in my youth--nervous, hopeful, and hurting the whole time.

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