Monday, September 11, 2006

5th Edition - 9/11/06

  • NFL

Week one is almost over, except of course for the doubleheader on MNF. If the Redskins beat the Vikings and the Chargers beat the Raiders, I will win my week one office pool.

Who was the best this weekend?
Chad Pennington: 319 yards, 2TD
Donavan McNabb: 314 yards, 3TD, 1 INT
(Fantasy Note: Just a hunch, Pennington is still available in most leagues)
Warrick Dunn: 132, OTD
Stephen Jackson: 121, 0TD
(FN: Everyone who owns Dunn and Jackson are annoyed right now because there was no endzone dancing to go along with the yards)
Laveranues Coles: 153, 0TD
Donte Stallworth: 141, 1TD
(I have both these WR on my fantasy team, and they were both on my bench)

Other NFL notes:
*Joe Buck makes the NFL pre- and post game shows on FOX almost unwatchable. I had no idea how much I liked James Brown until he left for CBS. Now I will try them on for size.
*NBC has a new NFL highlight show on at 6 central. Something called, America loves football, and therefore you now have to love NBC or something like that. Kinks need to be worked out. The main one for me would be the idea of NOT immediately showing all the scores. Show the highlight, then the score in the off chance I didn't know the outcome. Trust me, it adds to the drama.
*The Giants didn't even get a endzone bomb at the end of the game. Terrible clock management. The worst offender was Jeremy Shockey who decided four extra yards were more valuable than a stopped clock. Final score 21-26, losing to the Colts. You probably didn't know the Colts and Giants were playing each other though, it definitely wasn't hyped enough.
*The Bears looked great beating up on the Packers 26-0. Unfortunately it's going to be a couple of weeks before we know if the Bears are good, or their opponents are terrible.

  • College Football

The Iowa Hawkeyes survived in the most awful, most exciting football game of the weekend. The Hawks finally showed up to play in the 2nd overtime. With a lead of 20-13, Iowa stopped the Syracuse Orangmen eight times within the two yard line. Iowa is 2-0. Ohio State is 2-0. Yet they are worlds apart.

  • Baseball

For the second year in a row, my fantasy baseball team lost 7-7 in the playoffs. How is that a loss you ask? My opponent had a lower ERA, that was the tie-braker. With the Cubs, and now me done, baseball better do soemthing pretty special for me to care. The Minnesota Twins are only 2 games behind the Tigers. And there are still 34 teams fighting for the NL wild card.

  • Tennis

In the 3rd set of the U.S. Open Finals Andy Roddick realized he was playing Roger Federer. Roddick lost in 4 sets. The oddest moment was Tiger Woods watching with mild interest while sitting next to Federer's girlfriend. They had just met 20 minutes before the match.

  • My Picks

I am not a genius. But I'm close. I missed my most confident pick this weekend, but nothing else.
j - College: 2-1
j - NFL: 3-0
mike d - NFL: 3-0
Using week one's logic, neither j or mike d will lose a game against the spread all year. Brilliant.

I will be looking for someone to go against in College Football as well. Look for mike d's NFL picks in the comments section on Friday. And you can check out more of his wacky life at mike's world.

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