Tuesday, September 12, 2006

6th Edition - 9/12/06

  • MNF (if you didn't know that meant Monday Night Football, I question why you are reading this page)

Well, the Vikings beat the Redskins 19-16 and after that, while most of us were sleeping the Chargers knocked off the Raiders 27-0. Philip Rivers only needed 11 pass attempts (8/11) to make the Raiders question their ability in-between the goal posts. LaDainian Tomlinson ran for 131 yards and a score, but more importantly, people calling him "LT" needs to stop. A group of guys can't have two with the same nickname. And the football world already has one LT (Lawrence Taylor). Could you have two guys named Bud in your group? No. I was thinking T2 could work, but it's probably not the best out there. Suggestions? We're standing by to take your calls now.

  • Baseball

If you are wondering what is going on in baseball, that is what today is for ...
Most teams have about 18-20 games left. It is possible to make up 5 games in the standing, but pretty unlikely.

This means the Yankees with the AL East, the A's win the AL West ... and the AL Central and Wild Card is between the White Sox, Twins and Tigers.

The Mets have the NL East and the Cardinals the NL Central. The West is tight with Dodgers, Padres and Giants. Those teams plus the Marlins, Phillies, Reds and maybe Astros are fighting for the wild card.

  • Selling Out

Two friends have already asked me to start pushing their teams. So now I will try to find something interesting to say about them, in the hopes that they pimp my site throughout their insanely different states (Georgia and New York).

The Mets have a magic number. It is the number 4. Every year, I get confused by the magic number, how it is calculated and what it means. That ends today. I will memorize if it kills me (really shouldn't affect my health though). Click here is learn about magic numbers. By comparisons sake, the Cubs magic number is 39.

Georgia. The Georgia Bulldogs are #10 in the AP Poll. Their former defensive coordinator Erk Russell died last week. This proved as motivation against the South Carolina Gamecocks, and they shut them out 18-0. I love stories like this, even though I am having a hard time focusing knowing some guy had to live his life saving, "No, it's spelled E-R-K, that's it."

Pimping is always easier than you think it will be.

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Bill said...

I agree, even though crack is whack, the original LT is the only one who should be called LT. But I'm stuck for a better name right now. Perhaps LDT? L-Tom? LaDanny-Boy? Laddy? All of a sudden, nicknames are getting way too Irish for a guy called LaDainian (or LaDamlian).

Thanks for pimpin' the Dawgs! (and Mets)