Friday, September 08, 2006

4th Edition - 9/08/06

It's Friday, which means I gaze into the crystal ball, analyze my 9-point system, or simply throw darts at a sports page -- PREDICTIONS!

  • College Football

I wish THE Ohio State University would travel to Iowa later this year, undefeated, so my Hawkeyes could have a chance at knocking off a #1 team. Ain't gonna happen. Texas (-2) over Ohio State. I'm overthinking myself, but I like Notre Dame (+8) over Penn State. And even though my Hawks will win, they won't cover, Syracuse (+21) over Iowa.

  • NFL

At the last minute I decided the Steelers were better than the Dolphins, and I was right (28-17). I think it had something to do with NBC being INSANELY pro-Steelers. When a network tries to pump up the crowd for 30 minutes, it's tough to gain control. Also, Daunte Culpepper picked up where he left off before the injury (0 TD, 2 INT). He looked shaky the whole night. The picks are the Bears (-3.5) over the Packers, the Colts (-3.5) over the Giants, and the Eagles (-5.5) over the Texans. There is a logic that says you should always take a home team that is getting points, I'm doing the opposite all three times.

  • Basketball

Not much to say about basketball, except that I agree 100 percent with Chuck Klosterman about his recent article about creating a under-20 team to compete for USA Basketball. But it would also require honesty from programs and players. So don't look for this to happen anytime soon.

  • Baseball

Ummm, first weekend of football, or watching baseball teams whose records hover around .500 trying to jockey for position to secure a wild card spot ... That's what I thought. See you on Monday.

  • Stuff

Smile, it's Friday. Go crazy, just be careful. Remember what happened to Jessie.


mike d said...

Here we are face to face a couple of silver spoons...

Jeff asked me to post some thoughts about opening weekend. Since I mainly follow the pro's here are my thoughts on the most beautiful weekend of the year.

st. louis the lou this year. Martz is gone, let the sanity begin.

chi -3...trying not to be a chicago homer, but the pack is too brutal. a little scary because it's opening day, but it's just too good to pass.

my stone cold, mortal, sell your kids clothes, bet the farm, mug as many people as you can lock...

NO +3 at Cle

I'll explain why it lost next week.

Anonymous said...

i'm so scared!