Tuesday, September 05, 2006

1st Edition - 9/05/06

  • Football

College Football is back. Which means the NFL is moments away, and men everywhere finally can start ignoring their families/yard work/the rest of the world on the weekends ... Monday nights, some Thursday nights and random moments during the week while they are updating their Fantasy Football teams.

So what did we learn?
*Texas has the greatest name for a quarterback ever (Colt McCoy - 177 yards passing, 3 TD).
*Ohio State is potent on offense and impotent of D. And either THE Ohio State University or Texas will be out of the national championship picture after they play next weekend.
*Notre Dame is perhaps, just perhaps, slightly overrated. They eeked out a victory over Georgia Tech, 14-10. Next week - Penn State.
*It's always amusing to listen to local guys. During the Iowa vs. Montana game, they were talking Drew Tate as a Heisman candidate. The only way this is happening is if Iowa doesn't lose a game all season, and if Tate's new receiver Brodell actually hangs on to the ball. He dropped four by my count.
*Miami's season is now dependent on playing perfect football for the rest of the season and hoping that everyone else messes up at least once. Perhaps playing a highly ranked opponent early in the season isn't the smartest path, even if it's more entertaining for the viewers. The rest of college football knows this. Which is why only two ranked teams (Miami and Cal) lost this week.

  • Baseball

The Cubs are a half game away from being the worst team in the worst league ... But, if Dusty had his horses healthy, I'm sure it would be a completely different story. Zambrano might be done for the season, so they can stop pretending he had a chance at the Cy Young. With less than a month left in the season, it's time to make some pointless predictions that are sure to go wrong ... But if they're right, you won't hear the end of it.

AL MVP: Derek Jeter
NL MP: Ryan Howard
AL playoffs: Detriot, Chicago, Oakland, New York
NL playoffs: St. Louis, New York, Florida, Los Angeles. World Series: Yankees vs Mets. Yawn.

  • Golf

Tiger Woods won his 5th in a row at the Deutsche Bank Championship. He is tied for second with Ben Hogan for 6 in a row. Byron Nelson won 11 in a row. This streak is just as impossible as Joe DiMaggio's 56. But here's the difference, NO ONE in baseball is as good as Tiger is in golf. The sport is fairly boring when Tiger is winning every third tournament, but this streak is now becoming must watch for sports fans.

  • Tennis

Andre Agassi is done with tennis. I can't imagine a reason I watch the sport now. He lost to Benjamin Becker in a four-set match that was much closer on paper. Agassi was a shell of his former self. I was just hoping he could pull a Jimmy Connors and make a run. After the match, Agassi sat and sobbed in his chair, soaking up the center court moment for the last time. That was a much better moment than his prepared speech to the crowd. But he deserved whatever he wanted to do after his final match. If it wasn't for his personality, tennis would have been very boring the last 21 years.

Good Day: Andy Roddick rolled over Becker and gives hope to America tennis, for at least one more day.

Bad Day: QB Jeff George was cut by the Raiders after just six days. Making this article, from ESPN Page 2's Jason Whitlock VERY pointless.

Worse Day: Cubs Catcher Michael Barrett was hit in the groin by a ball. He had bleeding inside his scrotum. Amazingly, he took an at-bat before stopping play. If you were curious, a bleeding scrotum takes about two to three weeks to heal.

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Calvert said...

There was a guy a couple years behind me at school named Hutch Goodman. We always thought it was the perfect name for a post-war-era, lantern-jawed QB.

Come to think of it, he may have actually played football there, but our team sucked ass.