Thursday, September 07, 2006

3rd Edition - 9/07/06

  • Baseball

Just as football begins, baseball is trying to remind us they still exist ... in the form of the Florida Marlins. Trying to name more than two Marlin players just got easier (Willis and Cabrera). Anibal (not Annabelle - but close) Sanchez threw a no-hitter last night, beating the Diamondbacks 2-0. How can you NOT want to be a Marlins fan right now? They are all young, three games back in the wild card race, they are led by the future Cub manager, Joe Girardi and they've won two World Series since their 1993 existence. I guess there are two drawbacks ... The team will probably relocate soon and if they don't, Sanchez will be a Yankee in the next two years. You just know there is a dad out there refusing to buy his kid a Sanchez jersey.

  • Tennis

Men's tennis, without Agassi, is interesting? This is amazing. Andy Roddick is into the semi's. Blake is going to play #1 Federer (Cyborg Sampras - personality and all), and the fashion is more amusing than ever. After college football and the NFL, and perhaps a baseball game or two, and maybe golf (is Woods playing this weekend), I am totally watching tennis this weekend.

  • More Madden and SNL

I know I should be done talking about this, but I forgot the most important thing about Madden hosting SNL in 1982. To introduce the show he said, "Take it, New York!" -- WHAT?! No "Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!"?

So I ask you, is this the only time this has happened? Are there other cases out there? I watch a ton of SNL and can't remember, but I do have a hideous memory.

  • NFL

When the Dolphins and Steelers meet tonight, you can throw out the record books, mainly because they are both 0-0. Starting tomorrow, I will attempt to select three college and three NFL games. The goal is to simply finish over .500 - I don't think j has a chance though. (First time I have referred to myself in 3rd person)

Jason Whitlock of ESPN said Michael Vick needs to become a pocket passer to get the Falcons to the Super Bowl. This is like dating a model because she's hot, and then leaving her home all the time. The Falocns need to SHOW VICK OFF. That's the reason you take him on the team. You gamble that his body will hold up. Period. The QB position isn't the only thing that can get a team into the playoffs and making Vick into something he's not is just ignorance. Look for the Titans to try and change the throwing motion and ability of Vince Young as well.

  • Stuff

There will be the occassion when I don't talk sport. In fact, it's happening right now.

Watch Conan O'Brien in the opening of the Emmy's. The TV world will be much funnier when O'Brien replaces Leno on the Tonight Show.

Ok Go is a Chicago band - they give great video.

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