Wednesday, September 06, 2006

2nd Edition - 9/06/06

  • NFL

I hate the rule that says NFL players can't remove their helmet for a TD celebration. I mean, just look at Chad Johnson. Anyone willing to look like Welsey Snipes from "Demolition Man" deserves to show it off.

We are two days away from the first NFL game (on Thursday of course), and I just happened to watch an old SNL (airing sometime around 3 a.m. on Sunday morning) with host John Madden. It was from 1982 and had Joe Piscapo, Eddie Murphy and no one else you would recognize in the cast. Anyway, the man told stories for two skits. He just sat there and told stories. Buckwheat sang kids song in one skit & Andy Kaufmann made an odd appearance, so it wasn't a complete waste.

So now Madden and Michaels are calling Sunday night games for NBC. Does anyone under the age of 40 care? Can you get excited about Madden? If he isn't accidentally mocking his video game self ("Boom, he's on his back!") then what is the point?

  • College Football

Thank goodness. The polls have Texas at #2 and THE Ohio State University at #1. Now these two teams can play for all the marbles ... Can you believe at one point, people were just dying to get their hands on ALL the marbles? Perhaps a new phrase can start. Any suggestions? If you are playing for ALL of something, what do you want it to be?

  • Baseball

Yesterday, I stupidly attempted to make predictions about the MVP award and playoff race. I hate people like that. How do I know? It's more of what I hope, and I really only have one hope. I follow the White Sox because I am in Chicago, and once I stopped watching every Cub game (in late June) I decided to pay a little more attention to the Sox. Ideally, the last weekend of the season will have the Sox, Tigers and Twins tied. The Sox and Twins will go head-to-head with the Tigers playing the Royals. It will be the Royals first meaningful games in the last decade.

Johan Santana just ptiched himself into the Cy Young lead last night (8 innings, 2 hits, 12 K's). He's the first to 17 wins. More importantly, I was able to trade Scott Posednik and Scott Kazmir for Santana right before the All-Star break. On paper, it looked kind of equal ... And sorry for breaking the rule about talking about my fantasy team, but I'm playing the guy in the playoffs right now.


Anonymous said...

I wish I shared your optimism about the Sox.

j said...

It's not that I am optimistic about the Sox, I just like it when baseball games mean something. 162 games is a bit much, but when it comes down to the three final games, and it could be the difference between division, wild card, or sitting at home -- that's amazing.
If the Sox don't make it, I don't mind.

mike d said...

when do you think you'll get to interview stallone for demolition man 2?

Calvert said...

Mike, we have to get through Rocky Balboa and Rambo IV first.