Thursday, February 01, 2007

92nd Edition - 2/1/07

  • The Pre-Post: Super Bowl

Perhaps I will find a moment tomorrow, but otherwise this could be my last post before the Bears win the Super Bowl (I'm not positive that they will win, nor is any other human being, I just really hope they do).

I believe the final score will be ...
Bears 31, Colts 21
- Manning makes the Manning face.
- The Bears are actually down early in the game.
- Grossman doesn't suck.
- Phil Simms will talk WAY too much about Peyton Manning, brother Eli and dad Archie.
- Jim Nantz will say, "The Super Bowl, an experience like no other," twenty times, forgetting he is not covering the Master's ... on CBS.
- Prince will not lip-sync his halftime show (more of a hope than belief)
- Billy Joel will not be a fan of high-definition TV, having more women exclaim, "I can't believe how old he looks."
- Brian Urlacher is the MVP.
- Dallas Clark and Bob Sanders (Iowa alums) both have big games -- just not big enough.
- I will make many, many, many Super Bowl bets ... and break even.


Tomorrow is my own personal run at the play-offs.

Chicago's audition for the World Series of Pop Culture. The WSOPC is game show on VH-1, which tests you and your two teammates' knowledge of movies, music and TV.

My teammate John (flying in from Atlanta) assumes we will be done at about 10:15 a.m. and can enjoy the rest of the weekend. I still have hope.

I won't be able to talk about details of the audition for a while, but I plan on doing a story for it for Beep.

  • Golf: Tiger the safety

Tiger could clearly do any sport if he wanted to ... including the sport of tackling caddies.
click here to watch
Can you imagine if he would have got injured filming this? From what I hear, the caddy had many stitches in the chin.

  • Stuff

*Camera Obscura - Saturday night - Logan Square Auditorium - $15

*Final Harry Potter book is out July 21.

*Ed Helms is now a series regular on "The Office" - hopefully he won't always be as annoying as last episode.

*iConcertCal is brilliant (if you like your iTunes and concerts). And it's free.

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Kyle said...

Trying this iconcertcal. Cool theory, but shut down my itunes "unexpectedly" upon my effort to change my location. There's a Badly Drawn Boy concert here in a month+, so it's a test for the new program.

Ed Helms was a bit odd last week; just not sure he's a character they can sustain for very long.