Wednesday, January 31, 2007

91th Edition - 1/31/07

  • Super Bowl: No where

At this stage, I do not know where I am watching the Super Bowl. Perhaps the biggest game for me since Game 7 of the Cubs/Marlins debacle and I am without a destination at this stage. I guess that is what Vegas does to a man, blurs the big picture.
I have few requirements ...
*No bar. I need volume control and Chicago still allows smoking.
*Questionable food choices.

A.M. Jump has a quick list of memorable half-time shows. click here

I was going to look for funny questions that were said from Media Day yesterday. Such as gems, like the moron who ask a Colts' player how it felt to lose one of their own (Barbaro). But, then I figured I'd just let Bill Simmon's chorincle it for us.
Welcome to media day
By Bill Simmons

And also, what Super Bowl countdown would be complete without commercials. MSNBC does a ten best. click here

  • Stuff

*I got this link from casual ultimate. It's good for a laugh, plus very educational. I have no idea about Kitten Huffing until yesterday. click here

*The Police are back together for the Grammy's on February 11.

*So far, pretty happy Jerry Seinfeld's gum isn't getting much love on ebay. click here

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