Thursday, October 26, 2006

37th Edition - 10/26/06

  • The Series

Game 4 was rained out - which means ESPN had to create a long-winded article about the last time there was a rain out during the World Series, and who this benefits (click here to read).

But not me. I'm taking the day off from the sporting world and filling it with fluff. That's right, it's a --

  • Fluff Day!

*Are you sweating with anticipation over the "Borat" film release? Well, this might hold you over for a day or two. Go to and watch the infomercial for the soundtrack that will be out Oct. 31. It will include songs, "You be my Wife" and a cover of "Born to be Wild."
By the way, the film is outstanding.

*Need a new stand-up comedian in your life? Consider Aaron Karo. I interviewed him last week for a show he has at the House of Blues in Chicago on Friday (click here to read). Also, you can get his free bi-monthly column at

*Do you like your name? Click here to find out how it stacks up to others in popularity throughout the years. I have a nephew named Cole, simply insane how popular that name has become in the last five years. And Jesus is making a comeback, which is nice.

*Click here for a movie trivia game, with a twist. Film scenes are displaying using only office products such as pens and post-its. I have yet to know anyone who has gotten them all.

*And finally, I have no idea why I am hesitating on buying this yet ... but one of the guys who does MST300 has now released funny DVD commentaries to play along with your favorite movies.
The cost is $2-$3 and titles include Road House, Plan 9 From Outer Space and Star Trek V, The Matrix, Top Gun and Halloween. Go to to learn more.


Bill said...

The office supply movie trivia is awesome. I'm stuck at 15/20, though. And I have a protest on one of the pictures. Help!

j said...

I only have 14/20.
I assume they show up in the same order.
I can't get -

What is your protest?