Tuesday, October 24, 2006

35th Edition - 10/24/06

  • MNF: Owens wants more balls ... so does the Cowboys D

The Giants smacked around the Cowboys 36-22 last night.

  • The Series

Game 3 at 7:33 on Fox
Carpenter vs. Robertson
The Series is tied 1-1

Tony LaRussa is quoted as saying --
"I don't believe it was dirt, didn't look like dirt."
Of course he was referring to the gunk on Kenny Rogers' hand during his fantastic pitching performance on Sunday.

I hate saying this ... but a bench-clearing brawl would definitely peak my interest in the Series.

  • Other Sports Stuff

If you have the free time, I highly recommend these writers ...

DJ Gallo - Page 2, ESPN. He does an NFL wrap-up every Monday

The Sports Guy (Bill Simmons) - Page 2, ESPN. He does new articles every Wednesday and Friday, sometimes more.

Jason Whitlock - AOL Sports. He does a column every Thursday, mainly about the NFL.

  • A Classic

I was watching "Studio 60" last night and they mentioned the classic comedy routine "Who's on First?" by Abbott and Costello. My fiance hadn't ever heard of it. I love youtube.

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