Thursday, October 19, 2006

32nd Edition - 10/19/06

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Yesterday I said, "A Game 7 is the only thing that could give this series some excitement."
Thank you baseball gods. Thank you.

Mets 4, Cardinals 2 (Series tied 3-3)
Maine outpitched Carpenter which probably surprised everyone except for Maine's mom and dad.
Maine had trouble in the first with no outs and runners on second and third, he got out of it. Maine had runners on the corners in the second, he got out of it ... Clutch.
And Jose Reyes hit a first run home run, to give the Mets the lead throughout.
It should be noted that the Cardinals scored their two runs off Billy Wagner in th e9th, which should set up some potential drama for tonight's game.

*The Mets are undefeated when facing elimination at home
*The home team is 7-4 in Game 7 since '85
*The last 11 teams to force a game 7 (down 3-2) at home have won.
(Stats provided by my New York source)

Game 7 at 7:19 on Fox
Suppan vs. Perez
Perez has a 7.94 ERA and a victory in the post-season.
Suppan is 1-1 with a 2.19 ERA.

Get nervous Mets fans, and get hopeful.

Here's some crap to get you more excited.

The 1986 Theme Song

Meet the Mets

Letterman's tribute to the 86 Mets

Game 6 of the Mets vs Red Sox on RBI Baseball

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The Mike Brown injury happened again this year. If it wasn't for fantasy football, Brown's annual injury would be more popular than Fred Taylor's groin. Brown had foot surgery and they are listed him out indefinitely. Sounds like a long time. The defensive coordinatoor Ron Rivera has 1.5 weeks to get someone else ready thanks to a bye week.

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I don't remember this commercial, but here are the actors from "Lost" selling football. Good times.
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