Sunday, October 15, 2006

29th Edition - 10/16/06

  • Iowa: Ouch Babe

The Iowa Hawkeyes decided to end their season early this year ... with a loss to the Indiana Hoosiers 28-31. They simply couldn't stop the Hoosier jugernaut. Recently, Iowa has had a chance to be great, and every year they make a mistake. Last year was Northwestern, the years before that it was Iowa State.
Next week the Hawks play Michigan. I don't think I want the Hawkeyes to win, because if they do it's just another season with another HUGE mistake (the Hoosiers loss). I still assume we will lose to the Buckeyes and the Wolverines in any given year, as does most every other team in the BIG TEN. It's what we do against those other teams that truly matters.

  • NCAA Football: The Computers

The BCS poll is out with Ohio State as #1, USC at #2, and Michigan is #3.
USC beat an unranked team by 7. Michigan beat an unranked team by 7.
The AP Poll has Michigan at #2. I assume this is because the press would like to see Ohio State and Michigan play each other later in the year at #1 and #2.

  • NCAA Football: The Fight

Miami vs. Florida International. Thirteen players are suspended from the Hurricanes, also known as "The U" since players can't remember the name of their school. Florida International suspended 18 players.
Click here to see the fight.
Look for fists, helmets, cleats and the insane amount of cheapshots.
Lately, it seems like it is getting harder for players to understand fans want insane amounts of violence, but only when it is in a legal play.

  • My Mets

Mets 12, Cardinals 5 (The Series is Tied 2-2)
OK, so I was wrong. The series won't be decided by stolen bases. It's the long ball with Beltran and Delgado showed up last night. I hope the rain shows up in St. Louis tonight. Glavine is pitching on three days rest. He isn't good at it, and he knows he isn't. That's trouble
Name of the Game: Shawn Green. Why? Why not?

  • NFL: Where Oakland is the only team that truly sucks

The Titans, Buccannears and Lions, oh my, they all won their first game of the season. The Raiders continue to shine in the loss department.

The Defeateds: Raiders
The UnDefeateds: Bears (play tonight vs. Cardinals), Colts (Bye week)

Speaking of the Bears, this is the first time in a long time when NO ONE is mentioning the possibility of the a loss. No talk of a "let-down" game, or Leinart being an unknown factor ... OK, I'm going to stop, I'm making myself nervous.

The Best
Jake Delhomme: 365 yards, 2TD, 2INT (against the Raven's D)
Marc Bulger: 360 yards, 3TD, 1INT (had a 21-7 lead and lost)
Tiki Barber: 185 yards
Travis Henry: 178 yards, 1TD
worth noting: LaDainian Tomlinson had 4TD
Steve Smith: 189 yards, 1TD (surprisingly, also against the Raven's D)
Roy Williams: 161 yards, 1TD
worth noting: Terrell Owens had 3TD

  • The Land of Make Believe: Fantasy Recap

*The College Football Pick'em:
1. Chuck Long's Arm (me): 76 - my lead increased by one
2. Taste it (mike d): 73

*Fantasy Football:
I won again, in fact, I posted 142 points, with Gould still to play, my opponent had 62.
I am 4-2 and just hitting my stride. The league will be mine, oh yes, the league will be mine ... by the way, I still haven't won a fantasy league in my life 0-7.

  • The Picks: Revisited - Oops

I for one, was a bit too confident. It's always a problem when you are SHOCKED when you lose a bet. Means you need to refocus a little and realize you are never as good as you think you are. I went 1-5 this weeknd. I have Michigan to thank for my one win. In fact, I ended up watching the Michigan vs. Penn State game at a Michigan bar in Chicago. Now I realize what my friends and I must look like at an Iowa bar: Idiots.

j NCAA: 1-2 (Season 11-6-1)
billy z NCAA: 2-1 (Season 11-5-2)

j NFL: 0-3 (Season 9-7-2)
mike d NFL: 2-1 (Season 10-7-2)
*That extra game that mike d picked last week is killing me.

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