Tuesday, October 17, 2006

30th Edition - 10/17/06

  • MNF: Insanity

During the Bears vs. Cardinals game last night, perhaps you went to bed when the Bears were losing 3-23. Or maybe you stuck it out until Rex Grossman had 4 INT, along with his two fumbles. But hopefully you stayed up until the very end, when the Caridinals' Rackers (a VERY good kicker) missed a 41-yard field goal, somehow giving the Bears a 24-23 win.
Some facts:
*The Bears were losing 3-23 with less than a minute to go in the 3rd quarter.
*The Bears scored two defensive TDs to close it to 17-23.
*Matt Leinart threw for 2 TD, no INT. and over 250 yards.
*Again, worth repeating, Grossman had 4 INT, 2 Fumbles -- in Fantasy terms he was -9.2 points.
*With just over three minutes left, the Bears were getting the ball back, and it looked like Grossman would have to try and march the team down the field for a TD. Instead, rookie Devin Hester returned the punt 83 yards for a TD. The Bears took the lead.
*Edgerian James carried the ball 36 times for 55 yards.
*The Cardinals are the only team in the history of the NFL to lose two games in the same season after leading by 14 points at half. They did it in back-to-back games against the Chiefs and Bears.

I understand the Bears were supposed to win this game, but not after they were down 3-23. I can't stand all the people saying they KNEW the Bears would come back. I understand the mentality of a player such as Urlacher saying they never gave up, but fans didn't KNOW the Bears would come back. It was one of the most surprising, insane, impossible comebacks I have ever seen. Not only did the Bears have to beat the Cardinals, they had to beat Grossman who had one of the worst games a QB has EVER had. You don't win games like that. Too bad I don't believe in destiny.

  • Cubs: Sweet Lou wants A-Rod

I will not get excited. I will not get excited. I will not get excited.
So, Lou Piniella is now the manager of the Chicago Cubs. This is much better than Dusty Baker. Piniella will actually care when the Cubs don't try, or make mistakes. Dusty would normally give them more praise in those situations.
There is talk that Piniella wants Alex Rodriguez to join the team. I like the idea. We need another big bat in the line-up, and Rodriguez is a better SS than 3B. It is not worth doing the deal if the Cubs trade 3B Ramirez for A-Rod.

  • My Mets: Game Five is ours

Tom Glavine is rested. Thank the rain gods. His ERA in October is zero. The only problem is that Glavine won't be pitching in Game 6 or 7, so the Mets will have to win the series without him.

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