Wednesday, June 13, 2007

153rd Edition - 6/13/07

  • NBA: foul
I'm referring to Bowen's contact on Lebron James IN THE ACT OF SHOOTING ... and of course, the smell that the finals are letting off. James is a superstar and with superstars there comes favoritism (Wade in the Finals last year). You give him that call. You let him decide the game at the free-throw line (3 shots). You do this because it will make a bad series better, but most importantly, because it's the right call. I look forward to the day when robots are the refs.
  • Cubs: equally foul
It was the eighth inning. The bases were loaded. No outs. The Cubs couldn't score. They lost in the 13th inning.
  • Fantasy MLB: two no-hitters
There have been two no-hitters in baseball this year - Buerhle and now Verlander, sorry Schilling. I was first made aware of this from my friend Bro, who emailed me to brag about how he owns all the no-hitters this year in our fantasy baseball league.
  • Stuff
Watch the entire first episode --
Flight of the Conchords
If I had talent, creativity, was from New Zealand and had a friend of the same make-up, this is the type of show I would have considered making if I had moved to the States ... I was that close.

Premiere Magazine did an article about movies stuck in development hell.
It sucks that most of this films were ones that I read the book and was INSANELY excited.

Speaking of Dave Eggers and movies ... This is a must read about old summer flicks

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