Wednesday, May 16, 2007

146th Edition - 5/17/07

  • Bulls: Just when I think I'm out ...
The Bulls don't feel like losing anymore ... And I love it. Two games ago I was ready to start my campaign to get Tyrus Thomas and a draft pick traded for Jermaine O'Neal. Now I'm ready to watch the Bulls mature before my eyes, perhaps this season, definitely next.

The Bulls have Game 6 tonight at home. The Pistons still have the home court advantage. So far, the only people who have suffered from this series are the NBA fans. Piston fans assume they will still win, Bulls fans think they have a chance ... but NBA fans have been left with 5 games that have all been pretty painful to watch. Lopsided. Let's hope that continues (in the Bulls favor) for Game 6.
  • Where are the Cubs?
The Riot (Theriot) has been a treat to watch, but Soriano has been playing hurt (from what I hear) and Lee now has neck spasms. It's still early, but we can't say that forever and with the way the Brewers are playing, the Cubs need to start picking it up a notch.
  • NBA: David Stern
I love David Stern. He was on every sports talk show on Wednesday. Mainly giving one word answers. He constantly pointed the finger at Amare and Boris for leaving the bench of the Suns during the Robert Horry hip check. I agree. If players can't learn and coaches (six per team typically) can't keep a player near the bench, then their idiocy should cost them a game. The only problem is, I want the Suns to advance. Let's hope that still happens. Though last night they had the game in their hands, leading the whole way. Then they scored 6 points in the last five minutes and lost 85-88.
  • Stuff
*Star Wars movies, for fans, by fans. The winner is picked by George Lucas. click to watch

*And as always, watch where you break dance ...

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