Friday, May 11, 2007

144th Edition - 5/11/07

  • Bulls: Wow. Awesome.

I just woke up, but I can't wait to read the paper and watch all the Bulls highlights. I ended up going to sleep at halftime. I bet the Bulls probably ended up winning by 40 points! They dominated the first half, holding the Pistons to 28 points. Looks like this thing has a change to go seven ... Just awesome.
  • Stuff
*Molly Shannon is hosting SNL this weekend. I interviewed her and we talked about ideas for a couple of minutes. I'm not getting too excited, but I have hope. The Dakota Fanning Show, RICK-RICK-RICK, Bill Hader doing Al Pacino, and Jeannie Darcy.

*Film Reviews by me -
"The Ex"
"28 Weeks Later"

*New Order is done - click to read
I had a friend pratically drag me to see "New Order" in concert. It remains one of my favorites of all time.

*Here's a story back when the Bulls and Pistons fought in 88-91. click to read

*"Friday Night Lights" is officially coming back next year.

*These boys are good...

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SelfToy said...

Great blog. The absence of The White Sox makes it even better. I will root for the Bears with anyone -- except, that is, with a White Sox fan.

Go Cubs.