Wednesday, March 28, 2007

125th Edition - 3/28/07

125 - Opus 125 is the ninth symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven, the longest symphony to the time of its completion, the first symphony to use a chorus, and Beethoven's last complete symphony. And it's a really bad Japanese magazine -

  • Special Guest: Mr. Bro* (aka Brendan Breault)
I teach/coach at St. Mary of the Angels Elementary School in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. This has been a goal of mine for awhile - to create a presentation using pics/video for the end-of-the-year sports awards banquet. The "dream" became a reality when I started flirting with iMovie on my new MacBook. With the help of friends and family, I was able to use video of the boys and girls varsity (7th and 8th grade) championship games. I did the best I could with mostly layups and free throws. And "One Shining Moment" just seemed to make the most sense, especially during March Madness. 99 cents well spent. I plan on burning a DVD for all the players including some additional pics. Hopefully, it will be something for them to enjoy time and time again.

click here to watch the video

*Just so you know, Bro is normally a "life of the party" type. I assume he is under the impression that "The Daily Score" is vastly more popular than it actually is, and he thinks parents/kids might be reading the post.
Any way, watch the video, and stay for the very end ... it's "magic."
  • The Weekly Bull: 42-30 (4 games out of first, One game out of second)

Down the strech they come... The Bulls have won three straight and have ten more games to play. Winning the division is out, but taking second place away from the Cavs is still VERY possible. The Cavs have 11 games to go. Currently the Bulls would get the #5 seed and play the Wizards (without home court advantage even though the Bulls would have the better record). If the Bulls capture second in the division, they would play Orlando and get home court. It's a big deal for a team that hasn't escaped the first round since Pippen was around (and Jordan).

The next four games are all that matter. Two games against the Pistons, one against the Cavs and the Hawks. IF (it's a big one) they win all four, we are looking at a clusterf**k at the top of the division and then anything could happen.

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This is an add to make sure and buckle up in the back seat, otherwise apparently it could lead to the coolest, most awesomest ride of your life.

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