Tuesday, February 06, 2007

94th Edition - 2/06/07

  • Blatant Self-Promotion

The new issue of Chicago Clubline is out and you can read my article right here. It's a wrap-up of the films from 2006, the good, the guilty pleasures and the most disappointing. click to read

  • Super Bowl: Is there anything else?

USA Today has a Super Bowl Ad meter, and somehow, the ignorant thing decided the Budweiser Crabs was the best commercial. Though I don't agree with that, I do agree with most of the worst rated commercials. Flomax, Godaddy.com, Revlon Colorist and Salesgenie.com were all awful.

I did like the Garmin (GPS navigation) commercial, but it's probably me and 20 comic book nerds that appreciated that one, so it's no woner why grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, aunts and uncles collectively thought, "huh?"

As for the ratings of the game itself, they held steady with a 42 rating and a 63 share, if you don't know what that means by now, you really don't care about TV ratings. Last year, the Steelers vs. Seahawks had a 42.3 rating and 62 share ... But, because there are more TVs in the world, this was the third-most watched show in TV history, behind MASH and the '96 Super Bowl with the Cowboys and Steelers.

And if you have a die-hard Bears fan in your life ... you probably don't want to buy them this ... It's never pretty seeing a grown man or woman cry. click here

  • NFL: Something else ... almost

Defensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears, Ron Rivera is set to interview with the Dallas Cowboys for the heading coaching job. The system wouldn't change if Rivera left, Lovie Smith enforcing the Cover 2 system for the Bears.

  • NBA: Kind of ... but really, it's still about the Super Bowl

Charles Barkley said he won about $700,000 in Las Vegas betting on the Super Bowl and playing blackjack. He's also said that at one time, he lost $2.5 million in a "six-hour period" last year. I am actually getting nauseous.

  • Stuff

*Andy Dick gets dragged off the set of the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show for touching Ivanka Trump too much. click here

*If you are a fan of Nintendo's Wii, you can make Mii's that look just like the characters from "The Office." Don't believe me? This guy already did -- click here

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