Friday, December 08, 2006

63rd Edition - 12/8/06

  • WSOPC (World Series of Pop Culture)

Once again, I am at my work computer and can't upload the necessary photos... So with that said, the update on "World Series of Pop Culture" will be happening on Monday. Promise. I mean it. Listen, I swear. Come on, don't give me that look. Good lord, not everything is my fault. Get off my back. I hate you. Is that what you needed to hear? I. Hate. You.

  • MLB: Bonds is back

Barry Bonds signed a one-year deal with the San Fran Giants (the only team that can love him), for $16 million. He needs 22 home runs to break Hank Aaron's record. It should happen if his knees hold up. So we are stuck watching Sportscenter URGENT UPDATES for one more year. I guarantee Bonds will hit the history making home run at home. No way he hits it on the road.

  • NBA: High

Damn. The Suns beat the Nets 161-157 in double OT. It was 133-133 at the end of regulation thanks to a three-pointer by Steve Nash with two seconds left. Jason Kidd had the most impressive line with 38 points, 14 rebounds, 14 assists. Thirteen players had double digits in points.

  • Fantasy World

Turd Ferguson: 9-4, 1214.28
7th Place: 9-4, 1181.86
T.D. Parker: 8-5, 1245.14 (this one's me)
Shane Falco: 8-5, 1223.46
the hunt begins: 8-5, 1222.92
bo knows: 8-5, 1176.20

Those are the top six team in my Fantasy Football league. Bonus points if you know what my team name is a reference to. Four of us with make the playoffs, two won't.
I would be more excited, accept I am going against Willie Parker and he already had 26 points last night against the Browns.

  • The Picks

the update ...
j NCAA: (23-16-1)
billy z NCAA: (27-12-2)
j NFL: (18-23-3)
mike d NFL: (20-22-2)

NCAA: Billy and I will be taking a break as he enjoys his comfortable lead.

Falcons -3 over Buccaneers
Vikings +1.5 over Lions
Titans +1 over Texans

  • Stuff

I only saw one of the flicks opening this weekend ...

"Apocalypto" - It's a good action movie. Very similar flow to "Braveheart." There are some great chase scenes. I wish more directors would attempt to do what Mel Gibson has done. Instead of making a mindless action movie, he has made a mindless action movie set in a world I didn't know. You only get a glimpse of the Mayan culture, but that is much better than what we are normally handed.

Here are the top 50 videos of 2006, presented by DoCopenhagen. They also have a link the the top 50 of 2005. That way you have something to do in the morning AND afternoon. Click here to go to the site

Did Ali invent Rap by Chuck Klosterman. Click here


John said...

this blog sucks. i want to see some pictures.

and in a delayed response, the marmaduke blog is amazing.

j said...

Damn, I assume this is the john who's picture is going to be posted, but I really have no idea. Seems odd he wants the attention...


John said...

of course i do. i think i look absolutely stunning in the photo.

j said...

I'm convinced "john" is mike d.

miss casual said...

turd ferguson - nice. my other favorite from the will ferrell best of dvd is inside the actor's studio with alec baldwin. 'it was a performance so scrumtrulescent i can hardly move.'

mike d said...

t.d. parker was the scandal ridden running back on the series first and ten...didn't murder his wife on the show or do any hertz commericals, but cheated on her a ton.

almost .500, "gotta let it riiide!"

Indy -1...I like the Manning revenge play. Jaxsonville is quite the puzzler.

S.D. -7.5...The Tomlinson train marches on. Cutler is going to get a nice wake-up call.

Phlly -1...The Costanza pick of the week. I think this game is a huge letdown for the Eagles.