Friday, November 03, 2006

43rd Edition - 11/3/06

  • The I.C. is coming

Tailgating. It's why god invented football. Or at least that will be my excuse for being bloated and a bit tipsy at 10:30 tomorrow morning. We're going to Iowa City and so is Northwestern (where my fiancee went--though she doesn't really care about their football team). It's the annual road trip to Iowa City!

Things to do in Iowa City
Drink Beer
Throw darts atThe Que
Eat Wig 'n Pen
Eat wings at the Vine
Watch Iowa win
Drink Sparks
Enjoy ample tom-foolery to the point where the women begin to wonder why they are with us
Hope for no hangover
Consider purchasing an Iowa sweatshirt and then remind myself that I'm not that guy
Eat Hamburg Inn

  • The Picks

j NCAA: 15-7-1
billy z NCAA: 11-5-2
j NFL: 10-13-3
mike d NFL: 11-9-2

Army +6 over Air Force
Ball State +33.5 over Michigan
Northwestern +20 over Iowa

j NFL:
Rams -3 over Chiefs
Bengals +3 over Ravens
Texans +13 over Giants

The boys are going to play catch-up this weekend so we can all be on pace for the same amount of games picked. I am going to try and pull my head out of my arse and get back some pride in the NFL.

  • NFL : Whitlock's truths

A couple weeks ago, I was talking about Whitlock being one of the sport writers worth reading. Here's why.

  • Stuff

Stephen Colbert is funny.
Here are two examples of why this is true -
Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle
America's Anchors -- This is the cover story of the lastest Rolling Stone

Quick Film Reviews

"Borat" - It is the funniest, most offensive, nervous comedy I have seen. I say nervous because I was actually scared for some people that would be interviewed by Borat. But was thrilled when the film exposed the prejudices that run rampant in this country. This film is a must see, so I will leave it at that.

"Babel" - Communication and cultural barriers are plentiful in this film starring Bard Pitt, Cate Blanchett and a host of others. It is an international "Crash," showing how complicating and confusing the world can be. Unfortunately, it seems to just show the absoulute worst case scenario for traveling overseas or dealing with U.S.-Mexico border issues. It's visually dazzling, but the story lines are more aggrevating than interesting. Perhaps that's the point. The story of the Japanese girl could/should have been it's own art-house film, but didn't need to be the third story line.


mike d said...

I'm back from frisbee town and ready to rip some picks.

St. Louis -2.5...Hey NFL, Larry Johnson gets the ball every down. Shouldn't be that hard to figure out. This is a shootout and St. Louis has more firepower and a better D and is at home and is awesome.

Cinci +3...Time for the Baltimore train to derail. It's made about three more stops than expected.

NY Giants -13...I never, never, ever bet big point spreads in the NFL, but this is just too easy. NY is hot. Houston has shown signs of life, but the NY crowd is going to eat these guys alive.

N.O. -1...Scary game, but when you're picking seven, you'll have a couple of these. Tampa gave the Saints all they could handle last meeting, but Bruce Gradkowski wasn't at the helm.

Atlanta -5.5...Ride the hot hand. Vick's the hot hand. Detroit is rotten. Has all the makings of a 42-34 game, but will probably be 17-7.

Min -5...Second scary game...Hard to take a Monday night loser as a road favorite, but this is a demoralized San Fran team. Look for Minn to run it's vanilla offense and pound the rock all day long

...Lay-up of the week....

NE -3...Is this hard to figure out? Every year Manning comes into this match-up over-hyped and over-eager to prove he's the better QB. And every year he fails because of NE's superior game plan.

Bill said...

Playing catch-up here after a couple slack weeks. In my defense, I was playing golf one week, and playing golf the next week, too.

Anyway, I'll just do this rapid-fire like:

* ohio st -24.5 @ illinois
* vanderbilt +17 vs. florida
* arkansas -2.5 @ south carolina
* boston college -3.5 @ wake forest
* wisconsin -7 vs. penn st.
* georgia tech -5 @ nc state
* georgia -7 @ kentucky
* air force -5 @ army