Wednesday, September 27, 2006

16th Edition - 9/27/06

  • 11:13 a.m. - late update, Terrell Owens reportedly attempted suicide last night. I will talk about this Thursday once more news comes out.

  • The Wednesday Fluff

I was going to dedicate the entire day to fluff and all future Wednesdays, but there does need to be some sports talked about today...

  • Baseball: Kill the Cards

One week ago, the Cardinals were enjoying a comfortable lead on the Reds, and a 8.5 game lead on the Astros. Today, the Cardinals are freaking out at the killer in the back seat of car. That killer is the Astros and they are only 1.5 games back. That's what happens when you lose seven in a row (Cardinals) and win seven in a row (Astros). This is almost that same as your football team somehow losing two games on one Sunday.
As a Cub, I dislike both teams. Don't want either to do well. Plus the collapse is huge. It will sting the Cardinal fans for a while.
And as far as the Bandwagon: I have some tough choices to make for which team I give my love to for the playoffs ... Twins, Dodgers or Mets. I think I'll make my decision tomorrow. And thanks to the readers for the comments.

  • And now the Wednesday Fluff

Every Wednesday I will focus my attention away from sports (if possible). Focusing more on the fluff of life (entertainment). Sure the argument could be made that entertainment = sports and sports = entertainment.
The example of that could be this photo, which clearly proves in some situations javelin is entertaining to look at... moving on.

I could not make it through this video ("Baby Got Back" + Jesus) ... I want to hear from anybody who can sit through the whole thing.

I was thinking about the Muppets last night, and had a craving for "Muppet Babies," thank you youtube. Here is the opening theme.

I saw Sufjan Stevens play in Chicago last night. Good stuff. He mostly played from his album "Illinoise." His stuff is mainly fantastic background music, allowing your mind to drift. He ended with "Chicago" and of course the crowd loved it. Stevens doesn't have great stage presence, but when you have seven string, three brass, three guitars, drums and piano on stage with you, it makes up for it. Did I mention they all had butterfly wings on?

And finally, on my other site Stuff I Wrote, I have two new interviews, one with Todd Phillips and some movie reviews I finally scanned and posted.


miss casual said...

did you get inspired by ms. ulty and i watching the muppets take manhattan? we called tbr (from downstairs in his apt.)while we were watching to see if he could find us a stuffed muppet baby on ebay.

j said...

Also - here's a little trivia for you.
Who was the voice of the nanny on "Muppet Babies"?

Barbara Billingsley (Leave it to Beaver and Airplane)