Monday, September 25, 2006

14th Edition - 9/25/06

  • NFL

Sunday's Best
Jon Kitna: 342 yards, 2TD, 1INT
Brett Farve: 340 yards, 3TD
Willis McGahee: 150 yards
Willie Parker: 133 yards, 2TD
Andre Johnson: 152 yards
Roy Williams: 138 yards, 1TD

The Still Undefeateds:
Chicago, Seattle, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Indianapolis. San Diego is 2-0 and on a bye. MNF tonight has the Falcons (who look great at 2-0) and the Saints (who are looking ordinary at 2-0) playing.
The Defeateds:
Tennessee, Houston, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Detriot. Oakland and Kansas City are 0-2 on a bye. But we can assume Oakland will be going 0-3, and 0-4 and so on.

Game of the Week:
I'm giving it to the Bears. They beat the Vikings 19-16, just like the spread said they would. After Rex Grossman threw a terrible toss to the Vikings are a touchdown, logic was not on the side of the Bears. But they later forced a fumble, and Grossman hit Davis for the game scoring touchdown.

  • College Football

Undefeated Iowa will play undefeated THE Ohio State Univeristy this Saturday night. Again, I'll be at a wedding (happily) and the groom is still debating whether to put a TV in the bar area or not, stay tuned.
Notre Dame beat Michigan State. The Spartans had a 17-0 lead and a 27-17 lead. Final score was 40-37. The Irish outscored them 26-6 in the 2nd half. When will teams STOP going into prevent with the lead? Playing a completely different gameplan than the one that got you the lead is ignorant.

  • Ryder Cup

I need someone to do some sort of analysis on why Americans suck at international competitions. The Americans got smacked around 18.5 - 9.5. Tiger posted a 3-2 record which actually improved his overall record. Europe isn't even a team (just golfers we force to join together for this competition) and they killed us. Basketball, Baseball, Golf ... these are the sports we are currently proving we aren't the best at. Well done. Just like Hulk Hogan I'm proud to be an American.

  • The Picks (revisited)

Ouchtown, population 3. Life has decided reality needs to be back in the lives of j, billy z, and mike d.

j: 0-2-1 (season 4-4-1)
billy z: 1-1-1 (season 5-2-2)
j:1-1-1 (season 6-2-1)
mike d: 0-3 (season 6-3)

I guess mike d was right, you don't mention a no-hitter while it's going on. Now we have to be that crafty old veteran and work ourselves out of the jam.


mike d said...

I knew that was coming. Give the Vegas a couple weeks to get a beat on the season and they clean house. We are in for a world of hurt.

miss casual said...

i am trying to get into the spirit of the sports blog. i am even going to go watch some pointy soccer (ms. ulty's term for football) at a bar tonight and everything. only because i like micheal vick though.