Wednesday, August 15, 2007

160th Edition - 8/15/07

  • Cubs: games and inches
The Cubs were inches, or maybe a few feet, away from coming back last night against the Reds. Fontenot hit one to the warning tracks, but that's an out and the Cubs lost 6-5.

The division looks like this ...
Brewers = 62-57
Cubs = 60-58 (1.5)
Cardinals = 56-60 (4.5)

It has become a three-team race. The Cardinals have made it back in by going 6-4 in their last ten games. That is sad. This division is sad.
  • Golf: Tiger, Tiger Woods
Sorry I didn't write sooner about this ... Tiger Woods is a great golfer. What I am about to say is not supposed to be mean. I am just insanely curious. After he won, Tiger talked about how this win is very special because his daughter is there to celebrate with him. His daughter is not six months old. She has no idea what the world is, let alone the world of golf. Yet, Tiger seemed totally genuine about how this win is more special because she is there with him. When I have children, will a promotion or victory of any kind be something more endearing because I have a child? I just don't see it. They are two separate things. It always kills me when a family runs up to a winner at the end of anything. It's not the family that the moment should be shared with. It's the caddy/teammate/coach.
  • Stuff
I interviewed the cast of "Superbad." -- Read it, and go see the movie this weekend.

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