Thursday, April 26, 2007

139th Edition - 4/26/07

  • NBA
Bulls are up 2-0 on the Miami Heat. I am nervous. They have only held home court right now. Remember when they HAD to beat the Nets on the road to get the #2 seed? The Bulls aren't good on the road, maybe that changes in the playoffs, I just don't know why.

The other series ...
Rockets 2-0 and looking good against the Jazz. Can't wait to see them in the next round.
Pistons 2-0 over the Magic. Hopefully they can start looking old.
Suns 2-0 over Kobe ... I mean the Lakers.
Warriors and Mavs 1-1. Mavs are back in control. Shouldn't be a problem now. But the days of over-hype were great weren't they?
Nuggets and Spurs 1-1. Good stuff. Love the differences.
Raptors and Nets 1-1. It's the Vince Carter series, and so far, just like him, it's a let down.
Cavs 2-0 over Wizards. BOOORRRIIINNNGGGG!
  • Cubs: Prior to nothing
Mark Prior has been injured 80 percent of his entire major league career. He is done this season. Probably won't be ready for spring training of next year. This is the man that I would have built my fantasy team around for the decade (3 years ago). It's sad. He's with the Cubs for this year and next, so there is a chance we will see him in a Cub uniform again.
  • Stuff
*There was never a press screeing for "Next" - you've been warned.

*I hate when kids say things for attention ... this is CLEARLY not the case with this.

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