Thursday, April 19, 2007

137th Edition - 4/19/07

137 - apparently the number 137 gives you a headache,

  • Bulls: NNNNNoooooooooo!
The Bulls lost to the Nets last night in a sloppy game, the Cavs won and now ... let's just say I have no optimism. None. It's not over, but it's close.
The Bulls will have home court advantage on the Miami Heat starting Saturday. After that, they would play the #1 seed Pistons. And after they proved last night that they can't beat the Nets on the road when it REALLY matters, I just don't see them getting past the Pistons ... only to have to play the Cavs, then beat the Mavs/Spurs/Suns in the finals.
It's all up to Dwayne Wade if the Bulls even get past the first round.
  • White-Sox: NO-NO!
Mark Buehrle pitched a no-hitter for the Sox last night, improving their team record to 6-7. It was the first no-hitter for the Sox since 1991. Buehrle's only walk was to Sammy Sosa, who he then picked off at first base. Good to see Sammy still making a name for himself.
  • Cubs: Nope
The Cubs continue a slow slide to the dark side. They are 5-9 and in last place in the Central. One bright spot is that Felix Pie is proving himself in center field while Alfonso Soriano is out with a hammy. But this is not a team that was supposed to have to prove themselves, that's why they came with a high price tag.
  • Stuff
*Ed Norton is THE HULK. It's actually happening.

*If you love Mystery Science Theater - then you love this. It's simple math.

*"Voyagers!" .... anybody remember this show? It's from 1982, and I was amazed to read it only lasted one season. I was five and remember a handful of episodes about Buck and the kid, traveling through time. I can't wait to be SEVERELY disappointed when it comes out on DVD July 17 ... just three days after my birthday, interesting.

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