Wednesday, April 11, 2007

134th Edition - 4/11/07

134 -
*In 134 A.D. a university opened teaching rhetoric, law and philosophy in Rome, called the Athenaeum.
*The World's tallest thermometer is 134 feet in height and it is located in Baker, California.

  • The Weekly Bull (47-32)

The Bulls smacked the Knicks around (98-69) and it was over after the 1st quarter (21-10). They helped themselves in many, many ways. First, the Bulls remain the #2 seed for the playoffs. They have three games remaining, and if they win out, they clinch the #2. The Cavs have 4 games remaining (3 home) and the Raptors still have a chance.

Also, with the loss, the Knicks are most-likely out of the playoffs, which means the Kevin Durant era is about to begin in Chicago ... or perhaps another lottery pick, if the Bulls don't get the overall #1 pick. Yes, since the Knicks don't make the playoffs, the Bulls get their 1st round draft pick. Eddy Curry, thanks again.

Remaining games: Friday = Bobcats, Sunday = @ Wizards, Thursday = @ Nets

  • Quick Hits ... Moneny and Fame

*Most people wouldn't think Kevin Durant turning pro after one year, and Pacman Jones getting suspended for an entire year from the NFL, aren't related. I think it's the same ballpark. It's still the same ballpark if Durant never for one second does anything wrong. It's all about the money. Durant should go pro, the money being talked about is huge and Durant has been looked upon to be the financial provider for his family. Try to think about yourself at the age of 18-20, and think what you would do with millions. I would go insanely overboard, and I wouldn't have any family or friend depending on me for money (but I'm sure they would want some). Our system is broken and Jason Whitlock helped me see that a little better.

*Money is currently not buying wins for the Cubs (3-5). But luckily, no one in the Central is winning (4-4 is the best record). Once the weather changes the Cubs will hit more home runs.

*Speaking of the weather ... it's snowing sideways in Chicago. I assume the Cubs will be getting the day off.

  • Stuff

Noah Baumbach ("Kicking and Screaming") has a short film on YouTube.

part 2

part 3

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