Wednesday, February 28, 2007

105th Edition - 2/28/07

  • The Weekly Bull (32-27, 6 games out of first)

This was an insane roller coaster for a Bull's fan. First, a win in Cleveland, then a win at home against the Wizards. Then a two point loss in Detriot and finally a seven point loss at home to the Orlando Magic. All of this plus no trades. I was feeling OK about no trades until I read Bill Simmons and realized he has some pretty good logic.

When the media guide for the No Balls Association is released, I demand that John Paxson appears on the cover. At some point, you have to roll the dice, right? Not landing Gasol was inexcusable; the Bulls could have made the Finals with him (and if it meant sacrificing Luol Deng, Ty Thomas and the Knicks' pick, so be it). Instead, they did nothing ... which means they overpaid Ben Wallace when they already had a younger version of him for two-thirds the money (Tyson Chandler), gave away Chandler AND J.R. Smith for an expiring contract (P.J. Brown) because they wanted a trading piece for the deadline, then never ended up making a freaking trade.
I mean ...
Where does that rank among the most bizarre/inexplicable/head-scratching game plans in recent NBA history? Near the top, right? And if that's not bad enough, Paxson should have sold high on the Knicks' pick in December -- once the Celtics, Bucks, Hawks and Nets started getting crushed by injuries and the Iverson/Philly situation fell apart, everyone and their brother could see a 35-win season for the Knicks coming. What was the purpose of holding on to that pick? Are we even sure Paxson is alive? Has anyone seen him in the past three months? If he's missing or dead, I apologize for the last three paragraphs.

But here's the thing, Simmons entire logic is based on what had happened. Now, keeping Chandler made sense, but he had underperformed, was often injured and was not a leader. Based on the team this second, Deng has the most potential. So ideally, you don't get rid of him. Keeping P.J. Brown is the oddity here, but even more odd is the numbers he put up against the Pistons. He had 19 points, 12 rebounds and 4 blocks, easily outshining Ben Wallace's return to Detriot.

The real problem right now is Andres Nocioni. In fact, this could be the reason no trade was made. He might miss the rest of the regular season. So if the trade would have happened, the Bulls would have been without a good small forward for the rest of the season, then team chemistry would have had to come together for the playoffs. Rolling the dice with this team seems to be the better option right now.

This week's schdule: WED - Warriors, FRI - Hornets, SUN - at Bucks.

  • Cubs: Ron Santo is still not loved enough

I just don't understand why he can't get into the Hall of Fame. He has numbers, he is loved (at least in Chicago) and it clearly would make his life. The veteran's committee has been around for three years and still hasn't voted anyone in. It's high school popularity all over again.

  • Ouch

Clipper's guard Shaun Livingston is done for the season. Just an awful knee injury. You can read and watch it here.

  • Stuff

A little late, but here are some articles of mine... (yup, blatant self-promotion)

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