Tuesday, December 12, 2006

65th Edition - 12/12/06

  • Bears: Yes, I'm calling it a comeback

Even though Rex Grossman wouldn't want the Bears 42-27 victory over the Rams to be known as his comeback game, that's exactly what it was.

Grossman was 13/23 for 200 yards and 3TD. More importantly, the Bears ran 34 times verses 23 passes. I believe that is the key to their future.

Devin Hester is insanely good. He returned two kickoffs, of 94 and 96 yards. He had six TDs on the season (a record) and perhaps is the most brilliant draft pick of all time. Perhaps.

Click here to see what the current playoff schedule would look like. Remember, the 3rd team plays the 6th, and the 4th and 5th play each other ... with the 1st and 2nd teams getting first-round byes.

  • NBA: Balls

The NBA is switching their balls. The current set of balls are too slippery, especially when sweat gets on them. Sweaty balls. Plus, the older the balls get, the harder they are to grip. They lose their feeling. Nobody likes playing with this current set of balls. The men have always said they don't like playing with these balls, and the women would probably say the same thing if the men ever stopped playing with them long enough to let the women touch them. But, historically, women have never been as good as playing with the balls as men.

The leather balls will be back December 1.

  • Fantasy: the playoffs begin

1. 7th Place: 10-4, 1292.52
2. bo knows: 9-5, 1297.56
3. Turd Ferguson: 9-5, 1296.02
4. T.D. Parker: 8-6, 1339.44 (me)
5. Shane Falco: 8-6, 1331.04
6. the hunt begins: 8-6, 1289.58

I made the playoffs by 8 points and have to play 7th Place (Tomlinson) in the first round. Prognosis, negative.

  • Stuff

The Scrubs people have put their voices on the "Charlie Brown Christmas Special." Click here

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