Wednesday, November 29, 2006

56th Edition - 11/29/06

  • The Weekly Bull: Heading Home (5-9)

The Bulls used to be 3-3, then they began the seven game road trip (finishing 1-6). Luckily, New York was the last stop so they picked up a victory 106-95. And then New York came to Chicago, and the Bulls now have a two-game win streak.

Besides Ben Wallace having "no regrets" about wearing a headband during a game earlier in the week (a violation of team rules), he also said he had ligament damage and bone chips in his right hand. That is news to the team who said he had a sprained index finger and bruised wrist.

Wallace is consistent in using the word "we" instead of "me," but his actions proved otherwise. If you are willing to run the risk of getting benched by wearing a headband, you are selfish.

Some numbers:
Luo Deng had 12 points last night, after scoring 20 or more three games in a row.
The Bulls are shooting 38% from 3pt range.
Ben Gordon is shooting 29% from 3pt range.
Luo Deng is second on the team in rebounds at 6.0 a game.
Tim Thomas is averaging 8.5 minutes and 2.4 points a game.

The week ahead: Hornets (I predict win), Wizards (loss), Celtics (win).

  • NFL

Right now, this is how the seeding for the NFL playoffs would look ...

1. Bears
2. Saints
3. Cowboys
4. Seattle
5. Panthers
6. Giants
(these are also the only teams with winning records in the NFC)

1. Colts
2. Ravens
3. Chargers
4. Patriots
5. Chiefs
6. Broncos
(three teams are one game behind the Broncos)

  • Stuff

Know someone that loves "The Office" a little too much? Get them this snow globe. Other items are available as well.

And now something that should distract you the rest of the day ... Here are the Top 50 loose ends from "Lost" by the staff at IGN. This actually might be more annoying than entertaining.

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