Thursday, October 05, 2006

22nd Edition - 10/5/06

  • My Twins: Dead Twins Walking

A's 5, Twins 2 (A's lead 2-0)
I'm sure there are a million stats going against the Twins and for the A's, but the thing about a baseball game is, there really isn't a reason why one team can't win three in a row. It's unlikely, but baseball has a lot more ups and downs than any other sport. I haven't given up on the Twins yet, and the crowd was still in the game with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Torii Hunter's misplayed dive, which led to an inside the park home run by Mark Kotsay will be the play everyone remembers, but just before that there was a double play that didn't get turned.
My name of the game yesterday: Morneau, 2-4 with a HR (I'm getting better at this)
The Twins play again on Friday, so it is highly unlikely that they will lose another game before then. Crafty verteran Brad Radke will be pitching on Friday.

  • My Mets: Meet my Mets greet my Mets

Dodgers 5, Mets 6 (Mets lead 1-0)
Jeff Kent and J.D. Drew were both called out at home on the same play in the 2nd inning. That's the sort of thing that leads to a loss. The Mets beat the Dodgers 6-5, with Jeff Maine starting for the Mets and giving up 1 ER in 4 1/3 innings.

I even got to speak to a couple of Mets fan at the game yesterday. One of them missed the whole play, the other missed the second out because he was busy cheering from the first. I know the sample size is only two here, but that's a pretty poor showing from Mets fans.

If you want a running journal of the Mets - Dodgers game. Here is it, from ESPN's The Sports Guy.

My name of the game yesterday: Cliff Floyd, 1-3 with a HR (Yes, I'm brilliant)

They play again today with crafty veteran (all veterans are crafty) Tom Glavine going for the Mets.
My name of the game: Glavine, too much has been made about the Mets not having pitching, Glavine goes into the 8th today and the Mets get a second win.

  • MLB Playoffs : The Others

The Yankees and Tigers were rained out. The play today, along with the Cardinals vs. Padres.

  • NHL

It began. I think. Though I'm not totally sure.

  • Stuff

Oh, what's this? A pedestal? All right, maybe I'll stand on it for a litte while... I think the number of times I have now fast-forwarded a DVD and expected the "jump back" feature from Tivo to kick in, is now up to double digits. So the question is, why don't DVD players adopt this feature? The two-second "jump back" is exactly what I want, especially when I am watching a bad movie such as "The Jacket" and I'm just waiting to see if Keira Knightley has a sex scene (the answer is yes). Now, I understand if you are watching "Usual Suspects" and you accidentally see Kevin Spacey lose his limp, but if you were fast-forwarding that part, you couldn't have cared that much anyway, and if I just destroyed "Usual Suspects" for you, fine go ahead and hate me, I already hated you ... Anyway, DVD player makers, give me the option at least of turning on the "jump back." That is all.

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